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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Yingde Gases

was established in

air separation units constructed in China
total unit capacity (oxygen)
total unit capacity (Syngas)
liquid production capacity

It is a large-scale professional gas company dedicated to China's industrial development. Headquartered in Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Zone, the group has also set up its investment headquarters and air separation design and research center in Hong Kong and Hangzhou respectively. After more than ten years' development, our business has spread all over the country and overseas.
We focus on the development of large-scale field, clean energy, retail and Yingde engineering business, and supply high-quality industrial gas products such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon by means of on-site pipeline and liquid gas supply. We provide clean energy solutions for synthetic gas based on hydrogen and carbon monoxide, to help metallurgy, chemical industry, semiconductor, electronics, photovoltaic, food, medical and health, new materials, energy and environmental protection industries continuously create value in many fields closely connected with the national economy.
In Zhangjiagang and Rizhao, we provide long-term gas service for the largest private steel enterprise in China and the world's leading ESP manufacturer; In Baotou, our air separation units provide gas guarantee for the world's leading coal-to-olefin project; In Anyang, we have achieved the precedent of outsourcing domestic synthetic gas supply; In Jingmen, we created a synthetic gas island, which not only provides Sinopec with hydrogen for refining, but also provides various gas products for enterprises inside and outside the park; Meanwhile, our liquid argon products are providing reliable guarantee for the production of the world's leading photovoltaic and stainless steel enterprises; In the field of unattended small on-site gas production, we also supply gas products to enterprises in many emerging industries.
In April 2017, PAG Asia Capital entered Yingde and became the sole shareholder of Yingde. In August of that year, it completed the privatization of Yingde Gases. Founded in 2002, PAG has now become one of the well-known independent diversified investment management groups in Asia, with total assets under management exceeding USD 40 billion, covering the private equity investment, real estate and absolute return strategy. With the entry of PAG, Yingde Gases has effectively adjusted its management structure and management, and introduced many senior professional managers with multinational company management experience as well as international professionals with first-class technology in the field of industrial gas.
In September 2018, the headquarters officially moved to Waigaoqiao, Shanghai. After that, Yingde would continue to broaden its horizons, actively cooperate and improve the efficiency of comprehensive management by taking advantage of the accessible geographical location, generous economic policies, diversified cooperation opportunities and perfect public services of the FTZ.
Over the past years, all Yingde people have cooperated with each other and made remarkable achievements - we are among the best in domestic peers in terms of the number of air separation units, gas production capacity and liquid reserves. At present, the Group has invested in more than 100 sets of air separation units in China, with the total plant capacity (oxygen) of 3,330,000 Nm?/h, synthetic gas capacity of 432,000 Nm?/h and liquid capacity exceeding 15,000TPD. Every year, the capacity of the steel enterprises we serve accounts for about 1/5 of the total steel production in China, and our total oxygen production can meet about 1/10 of the global steel production demand. Our total capacity of liquid gas can reach 3.7 million tons, and the total distribution mileage can be 820 laps around the earth!
We believe in the potential of gases. We undertake corporate social responsibility, and constantly discover the application value of gas. We strive to become a leading industrial gas and service provider, and empower the society with innovative and sustainable gas solutions!

Message from the CEO

In October 2001, the first set of air separation project of Yingde Gases started construction. Under the leadership of the founding team, the voyage belonging to Yingde people started officially. At that time, China had just entered WTO. Yingde Gases took the huge ship of rapid economic growth, seized the opportunity of industrial gas market, and participated in the development process of China's manufacturing industry.

Since its establishment, Yingde Gases has adhered to customer demand orientation, and integrated the world's advanced technology with its own original technology. It adopted international and domestic first-class equipment configuration integration to provide customers with cost-effective solutions, and helped the development of industries such as steel, chemical, new materials, wastewater treatment, nonferrous metals, etc. 

According to the research report of American Strategic Analysis and Statistics Company (SAI), Yingde Gases has become the largest independent on-site industrial gas supply service provider in China eight years after its establishment. In 2009, Yingde Gases was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, connecting with the capital market and laying a good foundation for its next development. With the spirit of "work hard, never give up", all Yingde people create proud achievements constantly.

Nowadays, Yingde Gases has obvious advantages in terms of the number of devices, production capacity, output value and liquid reserves in China, and its business covers the whole country and goes far overseas. In recent years, the insatiable Yingde people have been pioneering and enterprising, and established six business segments gradually: on-site business, clean energy, merchant business, design and engineering, hydrogen, rare gases.

With the upgrading of China's industry and consumption, our products are widely used in industries such as electronics, machinery, medical treatment, food, photovoltaic, new materials, environmental protection, etc., and Yingde people are extremely proud of this!

As the blood of industry, Yingde Gases plays a vital role. In the future, Yingde Gases will continue to improve its technology, products and solutions, and create more value together with customers, employees and shareholders. Nowadays, Yingde Gases is attracting more and more outstanding talents, so we can explore and work hard together to write the blue history of the China Industrial Gas Company!

CEO Fang Shiwen